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Astrophotography by Stan Smith

I have always had a love for art, science and nature. In 2004 I decided to add astrophotography to my astronomy hobby. I was instantly hooked on the various gadgets and skill required to be successful. Today’s technology makes this endeavor much easier and less time consuming which allows more objects to be imaged in a single session. The rewards remain high and the gadgetry required is still as much fun. A large part of the enjoyment of this hobby is the association of likeminded people and no finer group of these exists beyond the Clemson Area Amateur Astronomers. I have a long relationship with them and thoroughly enjoy my time spent with them. While I do enjoy visually observing objects, the ability to share photos of what I see through telescopes has a greater appeal to me. Being able to show someone tomorrow what I saw tonight is what Dark Sky Astronomy is dedicated to. Thanks for taking a look.


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